Atlanta, GA—Officials from Stradis Healthcare said today they were happy to assist FBI/Atlanta agents in the arrest of a Duluth, Georgia, man who had temporarily disabled the shipping system of the company, which packages and distributes vital medical equipment, including PPE and surgical kits. Company officials said employees and the assembly line had been working at full capacity during the man’s criminal activity, and that the shipping of those key supplies has returned to full strength.

“Of course we are disappointed about a former employee who caused the company immeasurable internal harm and caused some temporary delays in our shipping system but our focus is completely consumed in working 24/7 to serve the medical community and the public during this critical time,” said Stradis CEO and co-founder Jeff Jacobs. “We initiated the investigation by the FBI and as we cooperate in the case, we trust the justice system will take it from here as this distraction is no longer in the way of our critical day-to-day role in getting vital supplies to our heroes in patient care, and saving lives in the process.”

FBI officials in Atlanta acknowledged the cooperation of Stradis in announcing that Christopher Dobbins, 39, of Duluth, Georgia, had been arrested and charged with multiple federal violations relating to the impeding of Covid-19-related medical supplies, under a new initiative to stop any interruptions or fraud relating to the current pandemic. FBI/Atlanta praised the company’s work and cooperation in the case. Stradis confirmed that the former employee’s criminal action had impaired the computer-assisting process of shipping out medical items but the company had quickly begun to circumvent the problem as they discovered it.

Stradis said that the case does not impede deliveries, which have included not just hospitals and facilities in the Southeast, but major New York City hospitals and Washington state facilities. Such meticulously packaged medical supplies are at the heart of Stradis Healthcare’s mission, especially during these critical times. Stradis Healthcare specializes in medical device packaging and custom procedure kits/trays. Stradis says its team of experts understands the importance of supplying safe and quality products to the medical community.

“We work every day with these heroes in the medical community, and are proud to be a key link in fighting this pandemic,” said Stradis President Adam Sokol. “Partnering with medical professionals has been the fundamental cornerstone of our company and what we strive to do every day – improve the lives of patients. And right now that critical mission is more important than ever, because we know patients’ lives are at stake, and we think about that every minute.”

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Media seeking additional information on this case can contact FBI/Atlanta or the United States Attorney’s Office in Atlanta. Patrick Crosby of GeorgiaNewsmakers can be contacted at 404-293-1000.